Partnership in Movement

The vision of this partnership is the cultivation of courageous leadership that promotes a shared society among staff and youth participants of the two movements, AJEEC and the Israeli Scouts, based on knowledge, tools, and familiarity with each other.

AJEEC and the Scouts Movement have a successful two-decade partnership in fostering joint activities for Jews and Arabs. Against the backdrop of this long-standing partnership between the two movements, the “Partnership in Movement” program emerged, which nurtures the connections between the movements as a space for the emergence of a common purpose, fueled by brave leadership and joint action.

The reality around us requires action and a renewed Jewish-Arab dialogue, especially among the younger generation, the one who will lead the country in the coming decades. A redefinition of Jewish-Arab relations in the country in particular, and relations between communities and groups in general, is the call of the hour. Our ambition is to establish a covenant of destiny, in the face of the threats from outside and the extremist voices at home.

As two significant organizations for informal education–the Scouts Movement in the Jewish society and AJEEC in the Arab society–we have the power to realize this vision through the organizational infrastructures at our disposal

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