Kher Albaz


Resident of Tel Sheva, married, father of seven.
B.A. in social work from Ben Gurion University in the Negev, M.A. in Planning and Social Policy from WLU in Canada, M.B.A. from the University of Haifa. Graduated from courses in social and economic systems management. 

A poetry and sci-fi movies enthusiast

Current roles:

Expert on government social policy and current trends in Bedouin society. Involved in a broad range of projects related to community planning and development, both at the local and national level. Serving as a member of the board of directors in several civil society organizations including Sapir College,  the Abraham Fund Initiative, Igul-Letova, Midot, and others. Member of the Board of Governors of Ben Gurion University and a member of the Public Council – Magen Israel for fighting the Coronavirus.

Past roles:

Many years as manager of the regional Welfare authority, which provided services to Segev Shalom, Kseifeh, Ar’ara and the unrecognized Bedouin localities in the Negev. Worked as welfare and social worker in Canada for three years.

I regard the lives of people, wherever they may be, to be of supreme value and work to create a shared space where equal opportunities for education and employment prevail for all. I believe in every individual’s right to live with dignity and with a sense of belonging and security

Sliman Al-Amour


Resident of Kseifeh, 42 years old, married and a father of five.
M.S. in Public Administration and Policy from the Hebrew University.
Graduate of: the Maoz Fellowship Program; a group facilitators course run by Kay college and the Ministry of Education; Shatil’s “Enabling Leadership” course; and, the “Window to Government” program – an introduction to the interface between civil society organizations and the government ministries

Current roles:

Has been working in AJEEC for 15 years and has filled the role of Co-CEO of the organization for the past two years. Leader of AJEEC’s strategic plan, developer of community programs, and pioneer of work processes which are based on public trust and engagement

Past roles:

Began his work at AJEEC as Coordinator of an empowerment project for boys and girls in the Bedouin communities in the Negev. Coordinated, among other things, the Taliyah Gap Year for Arab women. Managed the team of coordinators who work within AJEEC’s “Volunteer Tent”. In 2009, Sliman became the manager of the Volunteer Tent and began working on forming partnerships with local authority leaders, deans in colleges and universities, and managers of social organizations and government ministries.

Meeting and discussing together is just the beginning. Persevering together is progress, and working together for the greater good is success

Ariel Dloomy


Married, father of two. Native of Kibbutz Nahal Oz in the Western Negev, currently a resident of Rehovot.
M.A. in Middle Eastern politics from London University and an M.A. in Public Policy from Harvard University. 
A long-distance runner and member of the Playback Amateur theater group.

Current roles:

Specializes in community development and conflict resolution. Has been working with the Arab-Bedouin community in the Negev for over 15 years. Founder and developer of a broad range of programs of economic and community development in Israel, the Middle East, and the developing world. Founder and chairman of SID – the Society for International Development, a forum of Israeli governmental and non-governmental organizations working in the fields of humanitarian assistance and international development. In 2010, Ariel was awarded the Joint-Ashalim Award for excellence in working with at-risk children and adolescents. Ariel is a teacher and facilitator in workshops on international development, community work and dialogue between communities in conflict. His papers on these issues have been published in various media outlets in Israel, Europe, North America, and Iraq

At AJEEC I have dared to dream. I have even transformed my dream into reality with the help of a dedicated, professional team that is my second family

Liora Schraiber

Finance Manager

Mother of four. In her free time she enjoys music, travel, reading, seminary studies, conversations with friends, and pottery.

One of the founders of Migvan – the Urban Kibbutz in Sderot, where she remains a member to this day.

Current roles:

Has been working with AJEEC since 2006. Since 2013, she has been the organization’s Finance Officer.

Past roles:

A social worker by vocation, which has helped with her success in the organization.

The aim is the creation of sane alternatives for living in our challenging country

Irit Varum

Human Resources Manager

Married and mother of four.

B.A. from the Faculty of Agriculture and an M.A. in Labor Studies from Tel Aviv University.

Past roles:

Over 20 years of experience in multinational companies in all aspects of human resource management: recruitment, support for employees and managers throughout their working lifecycle in the organization, training, manager development, team building, career paths etc. Irit joined AJEEC seeking a change, personal growth, and a desire to deepen her acquaintance with the world of civil society organizations.

Venturing beyond our comfort zones enables us to observe life from a multidimensional perspective. While it may be more complicated, it is also challenging and empowering

Ahlam Abu Karen

Manager, Social and Economic Development Department

Married and mother of four. Ahlam is a Ph.D. student at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She has a B.A. in Nursing from Ben Gurion University, majoring in early childhood, sponsored by the Schwartz Program at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. 

Hiking enthusiast, lover of hill hiking and reading

Current roles:

Manager of the Social and Economic Development Department which operates programs in the fields of: health promotion, early childhood, community resilience, and women’s employment (all within the Bedouin society). Member of the Autism Forum at the Center for Autism at Ben Gurion University and a group facilitator on health, parenting, and preschool

Past roles:

Worked as a nurse at Soroka Medical Center in Beer Sheva, where her first assignment as a nurse was to identify and diagnose children on the autism spectrum in early childhood. She later worked in the area of public health in the Ministry of Health. Graduate of the Parent Group Facilitation course at Kay College; the Community Health Leadership course from the Specialization Center at Tel HaShomer; and a managers’ course for assistance and treatment for families with autistic children and loved ones

The person that moves mountains starts out by moving little rocks

Hanadi Sha’er

Manager of Government and Local Authorities Relations

Resident of Beer Sheva, originally from Yafia.

A social worker with an M.S. in Public Policy Administration.
Graduate of the Rothschild Ambassadors Organization for growing leadership. 

Hanadi feels that it is extremely important for different sectors to work together to advance policy and reduce socio-economic disparities across all communities, particularly within Israel’s Arab society

Past roles:

Managed safe houses for victims of domestic violence in the Yachdav NGO, freelance advisor and provider of support for organizations in crisis and facilitating groups composed of diverse populations of youth, people with disabilities, female victims of domestic violence, and so forth

I am convinced that any challenge we encounter in life is a valuable lesson for our further development and growth. Out of crisis we grow and if we fail to see a challenge as an opportunity, then we must have missed something

Dr. Eran Buchaltsev

Manager, Organizational Knowledge and Development Center

Life partner of Sivan, father of four.
Member of the Kamah Community – an urban Kibbutz in the Negev.
Ph.D. in history and culture.

Expert in social economics, experienced in the development of projects promoting employment, social enterprises, cooperatives and sustainable local economy.

Current roles:

 Knowledge manager and social entrepreneur. Program developer, leader of strategic thought processes, professionalization, knowledge development, content and training development

In each person to find their replete world and the opportunities for partnering, while continually coping with the political subconscious that inhibits us

Asma Abu Jamma

Manager of Volunteer and Leadership programs, Southern Region

Resident of Arara in the Negev, born in 1991. B.A. in Human Resource Management from Sapir College and is currently studying for an M.A. in Preschool Education in the Schwartz Program for Policy and Administration at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Her hobbies include cooking, design and flower arrangement

Current role:

Manager of the Al Razi Gap Year for the Health, Medical, and Paramedical Professions.

Past roles:

In charge of Occupational Efficacy Development processes for youths in Bedouin society at the Rayan Employment Center: individual and group mentoring of the program participants through finding the employment, placement, perseverance and career development

Every person has been born for a purpose, and has to choose whether to achieve it or stay stuck in the same place as time passes. And he decides and is prepared to make the effort necessary to reach that place he believes he is entitled to

Hila Elhayany

Resource Development Director

Born and raised in the Negev.

Singular mother to Shir.

Holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and sociology and an MBA – specializing in non-profit management.


Past roles:

Hila worked for many years in the fields of identity and shared society. She was an emissary of the Jewish Agency in Delaware, and later developed informal education programs in the fields of Jewish identity for the Israeli educational system.

Coordinated the resource development system for the Ben Yakir Youth Village within the framework of the Jewish Agency. Directed the Zika Gan Yavne program – which promotes Israeli Judaism and community building. She managed the partnerships array at the Shahaf Foundation, which is focused on community building.


"I believe with all my heart in the power of encounters. A meeting held with an open heart and a willing soul sharpens the identity of each of the parties, enables dialogue and cooperation, lowers barriers and stigmas, and opens a window to a better future. We live together in this complex and beloved country, and it is our duty to promote a shared life that benefits everyone."

Suheir Abu Akel

Manager Volunteer and Leadership Programs, Northern Region

Age 39, mother of Rouaa and Wared lives in Kfar Yasif, originally from Akko.

.M.A in Human Resource Management, group facilitator, coach, parent counsellor and developer of inspirational cards for groups and schools

Past roles:

In the past six years Suheir has worked on inclusion of women in gainful employment. She has managed Employment Circles centers in the north and the Eshet Hayil Program in the Misgav District of the Be’Atsmi Organization.

I am a firm believer in the power of youths to make a difference and influence and I believe in group strength

Khawla Yusef Alturi

Manager, Arab-Jewish Partnership Department

28 years old, mother of two daughters, living in Rahat, and grew up in Lod.

B.A. in Administration from Israel College in Ramat Gan, is currently a third-year student of family consulting.

Past roles:

Coordinator of AJEEC’s Arab-Jewish Gap Year, initially in central Israel and then in Rahat, until she was appointed to the role of manager of the Arab-Jewish Partnership department in the organization

Knowledge is love and light and vision.” — Helen Keller

Omar al Amour

Co-Manager, Shabibat AJEEC Youth Organization

Resident of Kseifeh, married and a father of two.

B.A. in Physical Education from the Kay Academic College and an M.A. in Public Administration and Policy from the Ben Gurion University in the Negev.

Past roles:

Worked in the PERACH Organization for 6 years as a coordinator and later on the manager of the first PERACH team in the Arab society in the south. Later on managed complementary (informal) education programming at Alsadiq School in Kseifeh. Worked 6 years in the Alhayat Hura Comprehensive School, as a physical education teacher and coordinator of social education in the school

I am a great believer in young leadership, influential at the social-educational level and leading toward integration in key influencing roles within Arabic society in the south and in general

Yahav Eshed

Marketing and Communications Manager

38 years old, married to Alon, mother of three, living in Kibbutz Sde Yoav.

B.A. in communication from Sapir College and an M.B.A. from Ben Gurion University.

Past roles:

 15 years in marketing, sales, and public relations including many years as a media consultant at a public relations office. Also served as advisor and support for sales-related training processes for employees in a company with hundreds of employees in Europe.

Be the change you want to see in the world.” –Mahatma Gandhi

Mirna Abu Arab

Gap Year Northern Regional Manager

35 years old, from Nazareth. B.A. in Sociology, Anthropology, and Education from the Hebrew University; and an M.A. in NGO and Community Organization Administration from the Hebrew University.

In Mirna’s eyes, her mission is social and community-geared work. 

Current roles:

Joined AJEEC in 2020 and currently manages the Taliyah Gap Year and Sabeel Leadership Institute programs in the north and center of the country

Past roles:

Worked in employment and managed vocational skill-building programs as well as academic and employer training

To me, ‘opportunity’ is a magic word. I believe it comes our way more than once in our lifetime

Iman Alataouna

Fursa Program Manager

Resident of Hura.

In recent years has gained considerable experience in the field of employment promotion.

Past roles:

Worked in the Rayan Southern Employment Center as Employer Liaison Coordinator.

if you can dream it, you can do it" ”-- Walt Disney”

Nagham Nasrallah

Manager of Kimam and Tali’a Gap Year programs,
Central Region

Nagham lives in Qalansuwa, from the”Little Triangle” region, and has a son, Ahmad.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in social sciences from the Open University and a master’s degree in gender studies and feminism from Bar-Ilan University.

Nagham is an enthusiastic social activist with a fun-loving and charismatic personality. 

Current roles:

Manager of AJEEC’s Academic Excellence Gap Year

Past roles:

Regional Coordinator and regional Project Manager at Rayan Centers in the “Little Triangle” region.

I believe that crises and difficulties provide us with an opportunity for change, learning, development, and breakthroughs

Laila Srour

National Manager, Gap Years

Laila was born and raised in the village of Eilabun and has lived in Kafr Kanna for 13 years with her husband and three children. She holds a bachelor’s degree in social work from the Hebrew University and a master’s degree in organizational management from the University of Haifa. She is a graduate of the Mandel Program for Social Leadership in the North and is actively involved in the employment of Arab women.

Current roles:

National Gap Year Director at AJEEC-NISPED, responsible for the activity of young adults participating in gap years, and for the development and expansion of activity in the coming months in collaboration with government and philanthropic partners.

Past roles:

Over the past decade, Laila engaged in project management for youth from Israel’s Arab society and managed systemic change processes in the Maoz organization, where she built multiple and diverse partnerships

I believe in the inherent potential of our young people and in their ability to lead Arab society both at the local and national level. Our job is to create the optimal conditions for them to develop and realize this potential

Dani Stamri

Jusoor Program Manager

Born in Ganei Tikva, married to Yaara and father of four. A resident of the south for over 20 years, lived in Beer Sheva, Ashalim, and now in Kibbutz Kramim.

B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and an M.A. in Education Administration and Public Policy.

Current roles:

Manager of the Jusoor Program for integrating Bedouins in the civil service

Past roles:

Worked as manager of the national project for Ethiopian immigrants in Beer Sheva on behalf of Branco Weiss, and was a former educator and mathematics teacher in Beit Shemesh and Shoval. Joined the “Civil Service Cadets” program and worked as advisor to the Director General of the Ministry of Education and as Human Capital Policy Manager at the Teleprocessing Center in the Prime Minister’s Office

I believe that the integration and advancement of Bedouin society has got to include providing accessibility and admission of outstanding youths from within this community into employment in the Israeli Civil Service

Jamila Badir

Jamila, a Muslim Arab, lives in Kfar Qasim and is married with three children. She holds an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences and Humanities from the Open University, and is a graduate of various courses in industrial management, employment promotion, and youth education.

Previous jobs:

Manpower and HR management; regional project management and coordination in the areas of employment and education at the Rayan Center in Kfar Qasim. 

In her free time, Jamila loves to take vacations with her family.

I believe in the right of every human being to live with dignity and a sense of belonging, security, happiness, and peace.

Ben Dagani

International Programs Manager

M.A. in Environmental Studies from Tel Aviv University, 36 years old, resident of Tel Aviv, married with one child.

Current roles:

International Programs Manager – responsible for setting up and operating the AJEEC’s international project in Cameroon (West Africa) and for initiation and management of cross-border projects with Palestinian partners from the West Bank. Founder and Manager of “Kitchen Talks” a social, culinary enterprise

Past roles:

Worked as Country Manager and Regional Manager in the humanitarian organization IsrAid, where he also served as International Development Consultant and Environmental Researcher. 

To be is to change .

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