Jusoor (“Bridges”)

Jusoor (“bridges” in Arabic) is a training program for undergraduate and graduate students from Bedouin society, serving as a bridge to employment into key positions in Israeli public service. The goal of the program is to integrate young people from the Bedouin community into the public service as leaders of change in their community. Jusoor was created to address the lack of representation of Bedouin society in government ministries and various civil service training programs.

The program operates regionally and is open to all undergraduates from Bedouin localities and unrecognized villages. Over six months, Jusoor Fellows learn about the work of the government in Israel, Israeli society, and issues in public policy. Participants attend workshops including preparation for the world of government work, public speaking, time management, professional writing, and critical thinking. In addition, the Fellows participate in tours and observation days at government offices in order to get closely acquainted with their future work and to meet with key figures and influencers from the public sector. Upon completion of the training, the program staff continues to support the graduates, both in group workshops and in individual sessions, to assist with their successful integration into the Israeli public service.

The program, which is the first of its kind, is a collaboration between the Senior Division for Socio-Economic Development of the Bedouin Society in the Negev in the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the Senior Division of Atudot Israel in the Prime Minister’s Office, the Joint Distribution Committee-TEVET, and AJEEC-NISPED. The initiators of the program hope to contribute to increasing the diversity of public servants and the representation of the Negev-Bedouin society in the public service.

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