Fursa (“Opportunity”) – integration into employment and professional training

The challenge of integrating Arab young men and women in employment has only grown more complex amidst the COVID pandemic. It is estimated that about 30% of young people in Arab society, and more than 40% of young people in Bedouin society, are not integrated into employment, education, and training, and are defined as “inactive.” Fursa (“opportunity” in Arabic) is a training program developed especially for these young men and women with the aim of opening employment horizons for them upon graduation from the program. 

Fursa allows participants aged 18-20 who are not yet integrated into education or employment, to choose a position of responsibility and leadership for themselves and for the communities from which they grew up. The program combines identity development, deepening familiarity with society, and building skills and motivation to integrate into it. In addition, the program focuses on strengthening spoken Hebrew, developing soft skills, and professional training.

The program lasts six months and the activity week includes a social program, individual and group training, acquaintance with the world of employment, and volunteering in the community. At the end of the first six-months, the participants are referred to internships, professional training, and employment placement, with ongoing individual and group guidance.

The program operates in full partnership with local government authorities and communities in a model tailored to the local context of each locality, and in partnership with local, regional, and national networks including: Rayan employment center, employers, local Community Centers, school networks, youth centers and more.

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