Talking the Change

The vision of the program is to create a space for young men and women (Arabs and Jews) to explore and be aware of their identity, and to encourage action and commitment, together and separately, for the development of the common space in which they live, providing knowledge, tools, and familiarity with each other.

“Talking the Change” is a program intended for young high school graduates from the Arab society, participants in AJEEC gap year programs, and participants in a service year/mechina pre-military academy from the Jewish society. The program combines preparation and training on issues of personal and group identity, narratives, perspectives of inequality, principles of a shared society, desire for closeness, and increasing responsibility and commitment to the hope of a shared future, for the benefit of all groups in society.

Program goals

  1. Familiarity: increasing curiosity, respect and the desire to learn among the participants in the process, while having the opportunity to get to know the participants from the other group and to introduce themselves to the other group, both as individuals and as groups.
  2. Dialogue: deepening the understanding of each other and myself, through dealing with relevant and conflict-ridden issues, while dealing with topics like circles of belonging and identity, inequality, Israeli society, and joint activism.
  3.  Action: desire for a shared initiative, strengthening the sense of belonging and responsibility for public space and society in Israel.
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