Shared Society in Emergency Times – Iron Swords

Since the beginning of this unfortunate war, we have  created an emergency room, in order to respond to the needs of the Bedouin population in the Negev.

We are working in  partnership with the Shared Emergency Center for the Negev Bedouins, managing an array of volunteers, social-emotional response support, informal education activities, and a diverse set of services to the Bedouin residents of the Negev. 

Being a leading organization in promoting Jewish-Arab cooperation, coexistence and development in Israel, we make it our mission to prevent, and respond to all signs of violence or those that call for escalation of aggression between the two communities.

Social conflict represents a latent threat to the peace and stability of our society as a whole.

In addition to this ongoing initiative,  and in view of  the current  trend, which intensifies the waves of incitement to violence between civilians already witnessed on social networks, we wish to replicate and further develop our education and activism programs among Arab and jewish youth.

We can already witness  campaigns  inciting to attack Israeli Arabs as an act of revenge, and at the same time, campaigns that support Hamas’ actions and provoke an outbreak of violence. Arab youths call to damage and burn Jewish and Jewish businesses, inciting revenge.

The management of calls for violence by Arab and Jewish youth is critical to prevent an escalation of civil strife inside Israel.

We fear that due to this never before experienced war situation, the conflict and clashes will be even more severe than those experienced during the May 2021 operation.

We aim to lay the groundwork for a shared partnership throughout the country. All participants in our programs will meet with their counterparts in Jewish movements and organizations, pre-military schools and pre-military social service participants.

In addition, we will seek to expand all existing Arab and Jewish school youth council programs, currently being implemented in the Negev area to be replicated throughout the country.

Our resources and vast experience in conducting programs of dialogue, cooperation and activism between Jewish and Arab youth with more than 10,000 participants in our 11 different programs ; are being expanded to implement an inter-community program to promote dialogue and action meetings between Arab and Jewish youth in all mixed cities and shared educational institutions, aimed at anti-violence campaigns, cooperation between collection centers and civil initiatives of youth; seeking and opting for cooperation, rapprochement and education towards coexistence in this critical moment of war.

We seek to create the foundation for a shared partnership across the country. In the program, all participants  will meet with their counterparts from Jewish movements and organizations, pre-military schools, and pre-army social service participants.

Furthermore, we will seek to amplify all the existing programs of the Arab and Jewish school youth councils currently being implemented in the Negev area, to be replicated throughout the country.

Our program will serve as the backbone for all organizations with outreach to Arab and Jewish youth populations.

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