Kimam (Psagot), run in partnership with Tel Aviv University, is a gap year program offering young adults in Arab society a high quality, holistic, and customized multi-year program leading to integration into higher education and the world of employment.

The Kimam gap year program, which began operating in 2022, is intended for 18- year-old Arab men and women with high potential, with the capacity and motivation to invest in their future through successful integration into higher education.

At the heart of the Kimam gap year, the aim is to establish a bridge for young Arab men and women between high school and their first steps into adult life: academic studies, vocational training, and employment. The program begins in high school, where participants undergo preparation for the gap year, and continues as a 12 month gap year. The program operates five days a week, one of which participants spend their time at a university university campus attending academic courses. At the end of the gap year, the program participants will continue to receive guidance during their academic studies and after finding employment placement.

Kimam provides participants with the background, experience, and tools they need to succeed in four core areas: empowerment and leadership, social involvement, academic and career guidance, and a holistic syllabus that includes language studies, academic literacy, and preparation for the University Entrance Exam.

The goal of the program is to create a reserve of alumni from Arab society who will find successful placement in higher education and the workforce by: 

  • The development of tools and abilities that will direct graduates towards a successful integration into the world of work in a wide range of professions
  • Education for leadership, developing a sense of belonging and community involvement, volunteering, and entrepreneurship
  • Promoting academic achievement as a key to the growth of committed leadership at the personal, family, and community level
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