“Al Razi” – gap year for health professions

A bridge from high school to employment in health professions

In the South of Israel, particularly in the Arab-Bedouin society, there is a severe shortage of health professionals and therapeutic profession workers. Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, communication clinicians, emotional therapy and others, are professions in which professionals are required to have linguistic and cultural competence to serve the populations they treat.

The proportion of professionals in this field in the Negev-Arab society is considerably lower than their relative share of the population, and the path of Bedouin young men and women to the healthcare professions is fraught with many challenges and barriers, with very few of them being addressed. The “Alrazi” gap year opened in 2021 in order to address the barriers that prevent young people from studying in these fields, serving as a bridge from high school to employment in healthcare. Through acquaintance with these areas in high school, integration into a unique gap year, and ongoing assistance in academic studies, the program opens new academic and professional paths for its alumni, helping them to mature and prepare to handle difficulties during their time in academia.

The program, which lasts 12 months for 5 days a week, includes a study track to improve chances of admission and better prepare for academic studies in mathematics, science, languages (Hebrew and English), University Entrance exams, and academic tasks. This is accompanied by occupational guidance, volunteering in the community, and ongoing individual and group guidance throughout studies.

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