Arab-Jewish Partnership

AJEEC-NISPED is made up of a joint team of Arabs and Jews, working together to create a shared society that allows Arabs and Jews to live together in peace while preserving and respecting their individual identities and cultures. This joint work reflects the belief that there is a close connection between the socioeconomic development of communities and resolving the conflicts between them.

In Israel, Jewish and Arab populations live side by side, but despite their geographical proximity and chance meetings in shopping centers, workplaces, higher education institutions, and more, cooperation and genuine acquaintance between the two communities are very limited. Moreover, more often than not, due to incidents of violence and negative media coverage, significant tension is created between the two populations.

We believe that the promotion of coexistence requires getting to know each other while building trust and mutual appreciation between cultures. Only in this way can we reduce incidents of violence, cope with prejudices and stereotypes, and create collaborations within the framework of shared and equal citizenship.

In order to do this, over the years, we have developed extensive programs in the field of shared society education for students, teachers, and volunteers. The programs currently operate in dozens of schools in the Negev and in the center of Israel, affecting thousands of students and volunteers.

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