A bridge between high school to studies and employment in the fields of engineering, science, and hi-tech

BridgeTech gap year, which began operating in the Negev in 2016, serves as a bridge for Arab young men and women from high school to academic studies and employment in STEM fields. 

The program was established in light of the relatively low integration of young people from Arab society into hi-tech and knowledge-intensive industries in the Negev and other regions of Israel. The program aims to grow leaders in hi-tech and knowledge-intensive fields among high school graduates from Arab society.

The program serves as a year of preparation for academic study and employment in the STEM fields and focuses on strengthening values, leadership, community volunteering, entrepreneurship, and personal development. The program continues to serve its alumni during their academic studies as well, individually and in groups, and provides them with meaningful support in dealing with social and academic challenges.

The program lasts 12 months for five days a week and operates as a regional project that is open to all high school graduates from nearby localities. Last year, the program was expanded to the city of Kfar Kassem for the benefit of Arab young men and women from the center.

During the program, participants learn life skills, participate in leadership workshops, set up social enterprises, and develop life skills while studying mathematics, spoken Hebrew, academic English, software development, a full University Entrance exam course, and  undergoing academic guidance. Alongside this, participants volunteer in informal educational frameworks, teach science classes to school students, and more.

Nearly 80 graduates of the program have already been accepted into engineering and science studies at leading higher education institutions, and the program has many impressive achievements to boast including a significant increase in Math matriculation scores and University Entrance exam scores among program participants. 

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