Sabeel Leadership Institute

The Sabeel Leadership Institute trains young men and women from Arab society to take responsibility for the community to which they belong through initiative, leadership, and innovation.

Sabeel Leadership Institute offers a year of leadership training for high school graduates from Arab society, along with preparation for academic studies and integration into the Israeli labor market in two program foci, the Negev and Nazareth. The program focuses on the educational principles and values of AJEEC-NISPED, including tolerance, dialogue between cultures, and the empowerment of youth. 

Over the course of ten months, participants take part in a program that includes personal and group development processes. This is done through academic studies, group discussions, lectures, and tours. Along with volunteering in informal education, the participants receive practical tools for meaningful social action in various fields in Israel.

The curriculum places a major emphasis on in-depth studies on subjects of social issues in Israeli society and beyond, and includes various courses in Hebrew and English, improving high school matriculation scores, leadership courses, social entrepreneurship, group workshops, and individual mentoring.

The program is supported by the Ministry of Education as a preparatory course for social-community leadership.

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