A year of volunteering in the community with preparation for academic studies and employment 

Taliyah” (“Pioneering” in Arabic) is a year of preparation and volunteering in the community for high school graduates from Arab society. It is a framework for transitioning into the world of academia and employment. The program was built with the understanding that the “starting point” of Arab young women graduating from high school is significantly lower than that of young women in the general population, and that in order to enable them to enter academic studies, guidance and assistance are required to provide tools for academic integration and employment. Today, young people who are interested in contributing to the community and invest in their personal development can participate in Taliyah groups around the country.

The program lasts a full school year and includes volunteering in schools in the community, along with studies and training: Hebrew studies, improving matriculation scores, a preparation course for the University Entrance exam, and training in empowerment and identity issues. The volunteers receive a monthly stipend from the National Insurance Institute, funding for preparatory studies for University Entrance, and eligibility for a scholarship for academic studies. 

The program currently operates in 15 localities across Israel, with over 300 participants each year, and further expansion is planned in the coming years. In each of the localities in which the program operates, the activity is carried out with the cooperation and support of the local authority and local organizations. The support and legitimization on the part of the community leaders for the program and participation in it empowers the participants and provides them significant support. 

The vision of the project is to establish a “Taliyah” group in every Arab settlement in Israel.

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