Shabibat AJEEC Youth Movement

We believe that youth organizations and movements are a key tool for social change and the creation of a young generation of caring, active, and community-contributing citizens. 

The Shabibat AJEEC Youth Movement was established in 2014 at the initiative of AJEEC-NISPED as one of the first youth organizations from the Arab society in Israel. The movement operates throughout Israel and it is one of the largest informal education projects in the Arab community. Shabibat AJEEC is recognized by the Ministry of Education and is a member of the Council of Youth Movements.

Shabibat AJEEC began in the recognized and unrecognized Arab-Bedouin communities in the Negev and expanded rapidly to the center and north of Israel. Today, the movement has active branches in Abu Tlul, Umm Batin, Abu Kweder, Al Sayyad, Hura, Kseife, Arara in the Negev, Rahat, Segev Shalom Shfaram, Lakiyah, Tel Sheva, Kfar Kassem, Lod, Ramla, Kalansawa, Nazareth, Turan, Sachnin, Ilut, and Arara in the North. 

The movement’s activities focus on a variety of subjects including leadership, social involvement, active citizenship, tolerance, and volunteering. Shabibat AJEEC teaches participants about teamwork, developing an independent and strong personality, leadership qualities, and social leadership. The participants engage in various personal empowerment activities as part of weekly meetings, leadership seminars, and dedicated days that deal with accepting “other” communities, entrepreneurship, innovation, and tolerance.

Today the organization has about 9,000 active members, divided according to age groups with a unique educational program tailored to each group. Beyond that, the activity is also adapted to the local cultural context of Arab society in Israel, and to the local characteristics in each and every locality.

We strive to continue expanding the activity of the Shabibat AJEEC Youth Movement to other Arab communities throughout Israel.

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